Season Finishers


Congratulations to the following teams for finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in our Fall Season!

Boys U10 - 1st Iron Eagles, 2nd Jedi Ninjas, 3rd Magma
Girls U10 - 1st Galaxy, 2nd Glitter Kickers, 3rd Violet Vipers
Boys U12 - 1st Vipers, 2nd Spartans, 3rd Legends
Girls U12 - 1st Ding Dings, 2nd Hot Shots, 3rd whatchamacallits
Boys U14 - 1st Terriers, 2nd Real Madrid, 3rd Spectrum
Girls U14 - 1st Strykers, 2nd Destroyers...of Awesomeness, 3rd Wave

Area Playoffs


Area Playoffs will be held January, 2014. All Area N Regions will be participating in the playoffs. The following teams finished in the top and successfully refereed 22 or more games for the season.

Congratulations to the following Redlands teams that will be attending:

Boys U10 - Iron Eagles, Jedi Ninjas, Magma
Girls U10 - Galaxy, Glitter Kickers
Boys U12 - Legends, Strikers
Girls U12 - Ding Dongs, whatchacallits
Boys U14 - Terriers, Real Madrid, Spectrum, Manchester United
Girls U14 - Strykers, Destroyers...of Awesomeness

Scores & Standings


Any questions regarding the standings can be directed to the division commissioner for that division. Their email can be found on our contacts page. Standings are updated as soon as the results of the games are submitted by the division commissioners.

U6 - No standings are kept
U8 - No standings are kept
U10 - Girls
U10 - Boys
U12 - Girls
U12 - Boys
U14 - Girls
U14 - Boys
U16 - Standings for this division are kept by Area N
U19 - Standings for this division are kept by Area N
EXTRA Standings - Standings for this division are kept by Area R