Please read our FAQ page for commonly asked questions regarding registration in Redlands.

What's the status of my child's registration?


If you are curious to see the status of your child's 2014 Fall registration, please check it out on the following link:

Registration Status

Please keep in mind that the regsitration database updated manually. If your AYSO ID does not exist and you have already registered at, you may have to wait until the database is updated before the record will appear. Once the AYSO ID is in the system, you can watch the last updated date at the bottom of your search record.

Fall 2014 Registration


The next 2014 Fall registration will be held on May 3rd at the Redlands Soccer Complex on Dearborn St. Prior to that date, you may still register online and send your registration to our PO Box.

We will NOT have pre-printed forms available to you. To register, you need to:

  1. Go to and either Register as a new player or returning player.
  2. After completing or updating each page, you will click the "next" at the bottom of each screen.
  3. National AYSO now requires an eSignature. When prompted, please type your name in the space provided. You will then need to scroll down and click the "Review" button.
  4. You must then click "submit".
  5. At this point, you can choose to pay online or Print forms. (If you choose online payment, you still need to print the forms and bring 2 copies to one of our registration dates or mail them in to our PO Box).
  6. Print 2 copies and bring them along with a copy of a birth certificate and the registration fee.
  7. Early bird registration is $80 and will go up to $90 on May 15th. June 15th the registration fee will be $100.
  8. All registrations will close on July 26th - no exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE: If your registration is NOT e-signed and you fill out a hand written form, this will delay your registration and you will be subject to a wait list.
For questions, please contact our Registrar at