Referee Scheduling Page - Fall 2015


Click here for the Referee Scheduling Page

UPDATE: We are using a new Referee Database. You must create your account individually. None of the previous accounts are active in the new system. Please log onto the page above and create a user name and password. Once your account is approved and activated, you will be able to sign in for games.

Use the link above to sign up for matches during the season. Matches become available 1 week prior to the scheduled game day. You are prevented from canceling any assignments 1 days prior to scheduled game day.

If there are no assignments left to sign up for on the scheduling page, please arrive to the fields dressed and ready to referee on game day. If there are no assignments available, you may sign in for credit.

Referee's & Heat



The temperatures forecasted this weekend says, "HOT!". We wanted to make sure we communicate effectively to keep everyone safe. Our games will continue as scheduled. We have posted information on our website and will be posting it on Facebook regarding everyones responsibilities to keep our children safe.

As a referee, you are in charge and control the game. We require that you take regular water breaks throughout the entire game. You do not need to wait for the quarter break or half time to take a break. We would recommend that you take regular water breaks every 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure each player, despite their opinion, take a walk off the field into shade to take a drink. Please allow parents and coaches to walk on the field during breaks to hold umbrellas over the players while giving the water. Also, please do not extend the game length for these water breaks. It is not necessary in this heat. We also want you to keep an eye out for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It's important the we watch for the signs.

Referees, please take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the game. Free water is at the referee tent. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin. During breaks, stand in the shade with the players. It's important!

Everyone, please get out and sign up to referee games this weekend. We currently have over 50% of you not signed up for any games. We still have 20 matches with open spaces. Its important to help protect each other by not allowing each other to referee too many games. When everyone does not sign up, too many of us step any and cover two or three games. This weekend is too hot to do that. The link to help is below.

We want to personally thank each and every one of you for stepping up each week and for helping out this Saturday when everyone needs each other.

Fall 2015 Referee Requirements


U6 & U8 Divisions - All home teams must provide a center referee for the match that they are playing. The referee can be a parent on the team or a relative that is qualified. It is not recommended that the coach referee the match. If the coach is the only option for that game, please allow the assistant coach or parent to coach the team for that match. No assistant referees are required for U6 & U8 matches, but are allowed when a youth referee is centering the match. If no referee can be found to cover a match, a forfeit for the home team will occur.

U10 & U12/14 Divisions - In the Fall, to ensure sufficient referee coverage, we need each team to provide at least 2 referees per week. Each completed referee assignment will earn the team 1 point for the completetion and an additional point for centering a U12-U19 game. Each team can earn a maximum of 3 points per week. Referee points can be accumulated by providing both center referees and assistant referees. The hardest position to fill is the referee and it is the most crucial position to have a fair and equitable match. As a coach, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team is providing the necessary referees each weekend.

Since games can occur on both Saturdays and weekdays, the 3 points can be accumulated on days that the team doesn't actually play. The 3 points can be accumulated on any day of the week that games occur.

To create a fair an equitable match, a referee is not allowed to referee the same game that their child is playing in. In addition, a referee cannot cover a match in the same division that their child plays in. If we have a shortage of referees on any given day, the referee tent may wave this rule to secure a 3 man referee crew.

AREA Qualification


U6 & U8 Divisions - Our U6 & U8 teams do not hold standings and these divisions do not advance to AREA Playoffs.

U10 & U12/14 Divisions - Depending on the amount of teams in these divisions and the number of spots available to Region 50, 1 or more teams in each of these division has the possibility to advance to AREA Playoffs in January of 2016. In order for teams to advance, they need to meet a minimum number of referee assignments throughout the Fall 2015 season.

The minimum number of referee assignments required for any team to advance is 22 POINTS by the conclusion of the regular season and the region playoffs. As stated above, no more than 3 points can be accumulated on any given week, including Saturdays and weekdays.

Check to see if your team has met its referee requirements.

Referee Positions


Center Referee (1 point towards the referee requirment for a U10 center and 2 points towards the referee requirment for a U12-U19 center) - The center referee is the sole individual in charge of the match. In addition, they

  • Checks that a regulation ball is used and that the players wear shin guards and do not wear jewelry.
  • Act as timekeeper and keep track of the score.
  • Stop the match, suspend or abandon it, if the rules are broken or if a player is seriously injured.
  • Warn players or punish them with red or yellow cards for repeated or serious offenses.
  • Stop the match if team officials or the sideline behave irresponsibly and endanger the welfare of the players. 
  • Report after the match on any disciplinary actions that might be required at the referee tent.

Assistant Referee (1 point towards referee requirement)- Assistant referees are tasked with assisting the center referee with the game. In addition, they

  • They notify the center referee when the whole of the ball leaves the field of play.
  • They notify the center referee which team is entitled to a corner kick, goal kick or throw-in.
  • They notify the center referee when a player may be penalized for being in an offside position.
  • They notify the center referee when misconduct or any other incident occurs out of the view of the center referee.
  • They notify the center referee whether, at penalty kicks, the goalkeeper moves off the goal line before the ball is kicked and if the ball crosses the line

Clubs Linesman (0 Points towards referee requirement) - For any game that a full referee crew is not obtained, clubs linesman's may be used. Each team will need to provide 1 clubs linesman to cover their match. The only job of the clubs linesman is to indicate to the center referee if the ball has gone out of play or not. The club linesman is not to indicate direction of the throw in, off sides infractions, fouls, etc. It is the center referee's sole discretion to make calls during the match.