Referee - Spring 2014


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Spring Rec. 2014 Referee Update


U6 & U8 Divisions - Remains the same as below.

U10 & U12/14 Divisions - Due to the severe shortage of center referees over the past season, Redlands AYSO has implemented a new referee system that supersedes the requirements below for the center referee only.

Center Referee - When no referee is signed up to cover your game, the home team must provide the center referee for the game. If no center referee is available, it is the home teams responsibility to recruit a center referee for their assigned game. If no qualified referee is found, a discussion needs to occur before the game between the coaches to determine if they will either forfeit the game or if an unqualified referee, including the coach, will center the game.

This decision does not come lightly and we simply have no other method of getting the games covered.  We are leaving the Referee Scheduling Page up so that individuals who wish to help out and referee can still sign up and support the players.

Clubs Lineman - Remains the same as below.

Spring Rec. 2014 Referee Requirements


U6 & U8 Divisions - All Home teams must provide a center referee for the match that they are playing. The referee can be a parent on the team or a relative that is qualified. It is not recommended that the coach referee the match. If the coach is the only option for that game, please allow the assistant coach or parent to coach the team for that match.

U10 & U12/14 Divisions - In the Spring, we only require that each team provide one qualified referee to cover 1 match on each weekend of play as well as 1 club linesman for their specific game. If you have more than 1 referee or your 1 referee covers more than one match we would appreciate it very much. The hardest position to fill is the referee and it is the most crucial position to have a fair and equitable match. Since only center referee's are provided for each match, each team will have to provide 1 club linesman for their specific matches.

Center Referee - We ask that each team provide 1 center referee for their age group or higher on weekends that matches are held. The center referee must sign up for their match in advance using the following link. Click here for the Referee Scheduling Page

Clubs Linesman - For each game U10 and above, each team will need to provide 1 club linesman to cover their match. The only job of the clubs linesman is to indicate to the center referee that the ball has gone out of play or not. The club linesman is not to indicate direction of the throw in, off sides infractions, fouls, etc. It is the center referee's sole discretion to make calls during the match.

EXTRA & Spring Select Referees


EXTRA Referee Schedule for Spring 2014

Spring Select Referee Schedule for Spring 2014