Referee & Coach Classes for Fall


UPCOMING Basic Referee Classes
Saturday, August 30th, 8 am to 4:30 pm (Clement Middle School)

All participants need to attend the entire day and pass the exam to get credit.
Please sign up at
Rosters numbers are:
201403733 (8/30)

UPCOMING Coach Classes
U6, U8, U10 Coach Class, Saturday, August 23th, 8 am to 12 pm (RSC)

All participants need to attend the entire class to get credit.
Please sign up at
Rosters numbers are:
For the U6, U8, and U10, please just show up and sign in at the class.

Registration Status


Please use the link below to check the status of your registration. You will need your child's AYSO ID# in order to check. The AYSO ID# can be found on your registration form or by logging into The list uses their AYSO ID#, Last Name Initial, and their Division. The list is sorted by the initial of their last name.

Registration Status Download

Status Definitions:

1) In Process - This means you have applied for your child to player in Redlands AYSO using the website You are "In Process" because we have either not received your payment and/or not received your two copies and/or we have not received a copy of your child's birth certificate if they are a new player and/or we have not processed the most recent registration batch.

2) Registered - This means you have applied for your child to play in Redlands AYSO using the website We have also received your two printed copies of the registration and payment. Coaches will receive their roster on or about August 9, 2014 and should begin calling their players shortly thereafter.

3) Error - This means that there is a problem with your child's registration. You will obtain an error if you incorrectly processed their registration on and did not complete the electronic signature (eSign).

Intermediate/Advanced Referee Course


There will be an Intermediate/Advanced Referee course held in Beaumont for anyone interested in expanding their referee certification. The course will be held on 7/26/14. More information and registration details are located on

Volunteers Needed


We are in need of motivated volunteers to fill vacant positions on our board. We are looking for a Treasurer, Field Manager, BU10 commissioner, GU10 commissioner, BU14 commissioner, GU12 commissioner, and assistant commissioners in ALL divisions. If you are interested any filling any of these positions or would like additional information please send an email to

Platinum Region


Redlands AYSO, Region 50 has just been awarded Platinum Region status for 2013.

Platinum Regions represent the best of the best that AYSO has to offer. These Regions model AYSO's philosophies and commitment to providing the best family friendly youth soccer experiences for all players and parent volunteers throughout their immediate communities and beyond. They nurture the generous spirit of their participants and devote extra effort to providing assistance to many worthy charitable causes.

Thank you to ALL the volunteers who help make Region 50 a great place for kids to play soccer!

Important Coaching Certification


U-6, U-8, U-10 and U-12 Coach Training Required for Fall

All AYSO coaches in the U-6, U-8, U-10, U-12, and U-14 divisions are now required to have age-appropriate training and AYSO Safe Haven certification when they take the field. It is a part of AYSO's coach training policy.

The coach training policy debuted in August 2010 with U-6 requirements, and will continue to roll forward each year adding one additional level of required age-specific coach training until, by the 2015 membership year, every AYSO coach and assistant coach at every level will be appropriately trained for the team they will coach.

U-14 coaches have until Aug. 1, 2014 to receive proper training.

These important steps will help ensure that every player has the best possible AYSO experience. If you have any questions, contact the Coaching Department.

SMS Alerts


Redlands, Region 50 has signed up for a service that allows us to automatically text you or email you when we have important information to release. If you are interested in receiving important information regarding sports complex closures, classes, registration dates, game cancellations, please follow the link below to sign up for these alerts automatically.

To sign up via their website, click on the following link: SMS TEXT ALERTS

Referee Zero Tolerance Policy


Redlands AYSO has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy for ALL referees in order to preserve and protect them. Redlands AYSO recognizes the hard work and dedication that all of our volunteer referees put forth and want to keep them in the region as long as we can. They have a very difficult position and try their best to officiate the games of our players. Please read read the policy here.